January 27th, 2015

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Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Contractor – Damage Control 911 For Speedy Services

January 20th, 2015

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Business Letter Format

November 28th, 2014

Business Letter Format

It is important to know the letter format when it comes to writing professional or formal letters. Business letters directly translate into forming an impression on the recipient. It could be your partner, clients, customers, etc.; so your level of seriousness or professionalism is at stake when it comes to drafting the letter.
Reason or Purpose
The reason for writing the letter is important for deciding the business letter format. It can not only be customized, but also well presented when we have the details of what to mention and why. For example, if it is a business proposal or asking for a sponsorship, you need to mention certain important and essential details.
So the basic homework starts here. Gather up all the necessary information and put it in a systematic order with proper formatting. Then follow the following points:
Introduction Paragraph
Give an introduction to the issue you are going to discuss because there is no subject line used in business letters. The letter should have all the relevant details listed out in a concise yet detailed manner. The trick is to serve the purpose of helping the recipient decide whether to accept the proposal or resolve some issues (depending in whatever is the subject of concern).
Body of the Letter
Needless to say about being concise and crisp, the letter should contain the terms and conditions or pros and cons of doing or not doing something that is actually mentioned in the letter.
The length of letter is not specific or restricted. It again depends on the matter of discussion. However, do include a list of the documents you attach along with the letter.
Closing of the Letter
The body of the letter will be the actual crux of the matter. The closing of the letter should be complimentary, i.e. the person should include a thank you line in the end which will also function as a line reiterating the interest of the subject of the letter.
Mentioning a contact person and his or her details is a must in all kinds of business letters.
Sample Business Letter Format
Letter Head of the Organization / Company / Proprietor
Contact Number
Return Address
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Name of Recipient
Organization Name
Body of the Letter
Introduction Paragraph
Complimentary closing
Give a detail of the documents you have attached to this letter. Bulleted list is preferred.